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Top 10 Things Buyers Consider When Choosing a Home

Are you searching online for real estate properties? It can be quite overwhelming searching and selecting properties online. My best advice to any home buyers in the search for real estate is to first write out your decision criteria, and know what are the most important things to consider. Everyone wants to find their dream home, but what does your dream home look like? Where is it located? What is the layout? These are some questions you should answer before you start your search. To provide some assistance, I have done some research and composed a list of the top 10 things home buyers should consider when choosing the perfect home.


1. Location

You often hear people say the three most important things to think about when buying a home is location, location, and location. You can change almost anything about the home itself, but you cannot change its location. People consider proximity to work, access to major highways or modes of public transportation, noise from traffic or neighbouring properties, as well as the factors of surrounding amenities such as schools, parks, shopping, walking trails, or sporting facilities.


2. Property Site

What type of lot does the house sit on? What is the local zoning regulations of the site? The shape, size, and slope of the lot are all important considerations to buyers. Is the site private? Is the site suitable for pets or young children? Is there ample parking or green space on the lot to fit the needs of the buyers?


3. Neighbourhood

Every neighbourhood is different. When buying a house not only are you purchasing a place for you to live, but you are purchasing a spot in a new community of people. It is important to consider the demographics of the neighbourhood to ensure the location will best suit your lifestyle. Driving around the subject neighbourhood will provide the greatest indication of suitability. Is it safe for people to walk, run or bike around? Are yards clean and tidy?


4. Curb Appeal

The first impression of a house is done from the curb. The size, structure and condition of the home can often be determined after one quick look from the curb. Some people seek a home that looks and feels like their own lifestyle. Others seek homes with structural integrity and practical features.


5. House Layout

Each home is unique and was built with specific dimensions for target buyers. Some homes are built with multiple stories and lots of bedrooms to accommodate large families, other homes were built with one floor, few rooms, and easy access for older retired couples. The layout of the house is extremely important for buyers to ensure the house will be able to accommodate their current family and lifestyle.  


6. Bedrooms & Bathrooms

When searching for home, one key criteria for buyers in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they need in a home. Most buyers will only look at homes that meet their specific criteria. Keep in mind, buyers often look for properties that include the minimum of their criteria. An extra bedroom will likely not deter any buyers, as this space can be used for home office, studio, theatre, dining or even just a guest room.


7. Kitchen

You might have heard the expression; “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. Although many buyers will argue that a kitchen can be re-done, it is often very expensive to renovate. Be sure that buyers will greatly consider the size and functionality of the kitchen in their purchase.


8. Storage

Another key consideration for buyers is ample storage space for their clothing, equipment, supplies, holiday decoration, etc. Buyer will look at several areas of storage, including closet storage in bedrooms, basement storage, and outside storage. Of course, storage can be easily added to a property, but as a result living space will be lost.


9. Energy Efficiency

A more recent consideration for home buyers is the energy efficiency of the home, to minimize utility usage and reduce bills. Buyer will look at natural lighting, insulation values in basements, programmable thermostats, water faucets, and housing appliances to determine the efficiency of the home.


10. Cost to Value

After considering all of the above, buyers’ final decision will come down to the price tag on the house along with the value of the property. The current real estate market is showing higher prices than ever before, but the prices often do not reflect the true fair value for the property. The final consideration buyers will make will be the affordability of the house and the terms of the investment.




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